Comparison between a Free and Premium WordPress Theme

Question: Should i go for a free wordpress theme or a Premium wordpress theme

Daily there are more than 180,000 wordpress blogs being created and many announced dead! In such a dynamic pace on the web when you start a blog, a common question that might haunt you is should i go for a premium or a free theme, why not me start of with a free theme? or maybe who cares about theme, its all the content.

But the truth is many of the visitors just chuck off from your website just because of the fact that your blog does not look impressive or is too much congested. The answer to the question is that your blog or website SHOULD look good on the first place if you want a visitor to notice it or come back to it. Usually a netizen browses the web and sees hundreds of new websites and they cannot remember your website just because its your baby. Your website should leave a mark so that they think of coming back to it.

I strongly recommend you to go for a Premium theme rather than a free theme, the reason

  • Free themes could get discontinued at any time
  • There would be very bad or No support for free themes
  • Your site would look common as most good free themes are common on the web

Why go for a premium theme

  • Premium themes would give you complete  support
  • Code would be more standard and themes would be coded well
  • It’s worth to invest from 30 – 70 USD for a premium theme

Why not to go for a Custom theme when you start a website

  • Firstly, you do not need to invest huge cash at the start up since content is the King and website should be above a certain standard that could be achieved with a decent premium theme. Once you have developed a good content base for your website, ideally more traffic would flow in to your website (my guarantee – I’ve did that) – then you could think of a custom theme.
  • Custom theme would cost anywhere around 300 – 500 USD and it’s really a must when your website has a huge online presence and authority.
  • Now –a-days premium themes are offering really good standards.

Some great suggestions i could give you for purchasing a premium theme for throw away prices are as below. themes range from 30 USD to 70 USD usually and you hardly spend that amount on your Lunch!! 🙂

My first preference for start ups is : Elegant Themes

  • You get around 68 Premium world class themes for 39 USD
  • unlimited access to all the themes with this membership
  • you don’t require to use the footer credit link
  • you can use all the links for unlimited websites as long as you own the websites
  • full access to support forum
  • PSD files and code available for download

yeah, that’s why they are my favorite suggestion !!

Second and equally best preference is WooThemes

  • I must say the themes they provide are extremely of high standards and are used by the best
  • you can select the theme of your choice and download it for 70 USD
  • get 2 premium themes of your choice free with the standard package of 70 usd.
  • Also they have enhanced themes with advanced functionality like job sites etc.
  • Also they have a club membership to all their 78 themes for 125 USD
  • I strongly suggest woo themes due to the quality and huge number of variant themes

Third suggestion that is Theme Forest

  • They have a Huge collection of themes at Theme Forest
  • Make sure you browse to “wordpress themes” category otherwise it might look confusing as they also have website templates
  • Themes prices range from 25 – 35 approximately
  • Premium themes are decently good and have full support and psds.
  • One point you should note here is Themeforest acts as a “Market Place” for freelance designers and coders who upload the themes and sell through Theme Forest and gain commissions – This could turn you down compared to other options,  but i suggest you to browse through it and if you find a nice theme of your taste – Thanks me

Another Good Option for Application related Themes is App Themes

  • Now this option is for people who want to create websites that also need to work as application for some purpose
  • They have app themes for Classifieds application, Job websites etc.
  • They are all priced at 69 USD
  • The theme is best option for wordpress based application and they are strongly coded.

Another Stunning collection of well developed themes WPzoom

  • Single theme is priced at 69 USD
  • They have a good collection of premium themes
  • Themes priced at 99 USD for 2 themes

Premium themes at Gorilla Themes

  • Single theme is priced at 59 USD
  • They have a good collection of premium themes
  • Application based themes are available
  • 11 – 12 color schemes also available

To Sum Up

I would personally suggest for every start up blogger to go for a premium theme as i did when i started off blogging, consider any good option from the above list of choices and get the best one suitable for your concept. A lot depends on the Look of your blog and also in the long run you tend to modify many options within your base theme header.php, footer.php add lot of custom plugins and later it would be a chore to replicate all when you are planning to change to a good premium theme. So if you are serious about your blog on a long run – go for a Good theme be it premium or free – But Looks Does Matter!!