Corner Stones to Blogging Success

No one can define success in Blogging, in fact not even the so called Pro-Bloggers! But all can agree to one thing – There are few baselines that each one who has tasted part of success would agree to.

  • Do not start a blog with a dream to become a millionaire

Web Blogs came up with the idea of sharing and helping others with what you know or simply creating a web-log and writing simply because you love it and you are passionate about it. The Blogging arena is not the same anymore. Its evolving into a Big business model where many are interested in stuffing blogs with information and even hiring people to do that. But if you want to really enjoy blogging and you are planning to start a blog, i would suggest do not have huge expectations when you begin and make blogging part of your life and schedule. Take it as a daily routine you are involved in and something that would ease you. Slowly success and visitors would find you. Dont run after methods to drive traffic as it could stress you up and eventually you would end up quitting. I personally would not want you to end up there if you are reading this.

  • Blog on what you love,  on what you are passionate about  or on what you are good at.

This should be the First ground rule when you are planning to start a blog – DO Not run behind searching for what is in demand and what could fetch you more traffic and money – instead find out what you are really good at or what you would love to read and write about. Best method would be selecting something that you are passionate about most.

  • Do not run behind on a 6 months success plan

The  post photo you see is one photograph that i treasure a lot – its one of my best clicks that it took at a place called “aroorkutty palam” in Kerala, India. I touched up with a caption in photoshop and i guess you can read it. Its depicting a Long journeyYour Success Blogging Journey and it needs Perseverance and Patience. So do not get irritated or frustrated when you do not find much success in the intial months of blogging, its the same case with all, even Me. All i would say is create a blog, write on it every day, add it to your schedule and do the same for 6 months – come back to me, i will tell you how to make money !!

Happy Blogging, Cheers – Josh