CPM & CPC Campaigns Explained

If you have a website and youve been on the web for some time, then for sure you would have heard about the CPC and CPM terms usually used along with Online Advertising. So lets start with What is your Role in this movie 😉 You are the Publisher! And there are a number of advertising networks on the web that pay the publishers for placing their ads on your websites.

Basically the two forms of advertising revenues are based on these terms: CPC and CPM.

CMP is the kind of advertising that pays the publisher based on the impressions.(Impressions means how many times your ad has been shown on the website). Lets say if the campaign says 5 USD CPM => you would make 5 USD per each 1000 Impressions.

CPC is the kind of advertising that pays the publisher based on the number of clicks, if more visitors click on your website => more leads you provide => more money you earn Honey!

How should you see ads from a publisher point of veiw? : ALWAYS convert every metric of earning into CMP and see how is each ad fetching you, ie..even if ist CPC, you can see on an average how much clicks you get per 1000 impressions and how much you earn per 1000 impressions. This way, you could estimate the potential of payment by each ad network or advertiser. Experiment many ad networks and compare your earnings in CPM and choose the best.

Few High Paying CPM ad networks you could give a shot!

Let me know your thoughts and feedback, i would be happy to help 🙂



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