Critical Blog Maintenance Checklist

Owning a Blog and writing daily article will not alone solve the puzzle to blogging success -there are more to it.

Often things go well with a wordpress blog hosted on your shared or dedicated hosting service, but there are times when you could repent not taking the right steps to maintain your blog in a healthy way.  Today i would be listing down the basic and most simple ways to make sure your blog is healthy and you don’t have worry in future when your blog that you invested months or even years goes down! Below are few rightly called ” Disaster prevention” checklist that i suggest each one of you follow.

  • Have the latest wordpress version installed
  • Upgrade when ever upgrades available
  • Use Askimet API and Plugin to can spam
  • Use minimum required plugins and do not over load your wordpress blog
  • Retain the basic wp theme fo disaster recovery and auto switch back on theme beak-down
  • Backup your ftp and db timely
  • Do wordpress Health Check
  • Back up files before any script  modifications
  • Have a hard to crack password and change it frequently
  • Respond to every visitor commends to keep the ball rolling

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