Cross browser compatibility Explained & Tools Used

Cross browser compatibility, This is simply the ability of a web application, web site, client-side script or HTML construct to support all web browsers.Infact, this is something which must be dealt with due importance. Though it might seem to be a tedious task, there are a lot of tools out there which reduces our strain! I have picked a few tools to check cross-browser compatibility, which I found interesting.

Adobe Browser Lab
To access this site, login with your adobe id [or create if you dont have one already] and there you go…
The “Browser Sets” feature allows you to pick the browsers of your choice and test how your website would look like in them.
You could also use the 2-up feature to compare the the screenshot as seen in 2 browsers.

This is an advanced testing tool for professionals.
Litmus helps in testing password protected sites as well, and provides a compatibility report and track of outstanding bugs.
For free users 50tests/month on Explorer 7 and Firefox 2 are on the go, whereas paid members get to use a set of 24 browsers for testing!

Browser Shots
This is an Open source online service created by Johann C. Rocholl. On submitting your website url, this gets added on to the job queue.
Screen shots of the website opened in Several distributed computers with different browsers would be uploaded to the central server. The interesting feature of this tool is that the Screen size, Color depth, Javascript, Java and Flash setting could be chosen. Give a try and you’d know this saves a lot of time!

Cross browser testing

Another tool which helps you pick the OS, browser , resolution and other softwares like acrobat reader, flash & JRE and customize testing on ur choice!
Though a paid service, it promises live testing services.

Spoon- browser sandbox
This helps u test ur website in IE, firefox, opera, safari and google chrome. Install plugin for spoon and there you go.

A tool developed by Microsoft, though awaiting to get launched! The other tools that we are discussing here are all online tools. We submit our ULR in those website n we preview different screenshots of our site in different browsers. But here, this is a downloadable one. We download it, and we can compare the rendering of a webpage in different browsers. This helps in checking the same page in different versions of IE as well. The side-by-side and overlay features gives us more flexibility in comparing the renderings. Its claimed that SuperPreview could pin point the element that causes the compatibility issue.

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