DailyWP Q&A script review – Best Q&A script for wordpress

As a continuation of our previous review on the Best Q&A Scripts on the web for your website or Blog we had selected the Q&A Script from DailyWP

To drill in further for our visitors we contacted DailyWP and the team were kind enough to share with us a review copy of their premium theme so that we could get to know more on the working aspects of the wordpress application / theme.

Starting with how to set up the theme

Install the wordpress on your blog

If you are a regular reader of our blog – by now you should be already an expert on wordpress installation. If you are here first time the check out – the wordpress step by step installation tutorial

Normal Plugin and configuration setup of wordpress

Install all the required plugins and configure your blog the normal way.

Install the Q&A theme on your blog

The installation of the theme is a cake walk – it took me not more than 15 – 20 seconds, so we can note the point that this is a light and well optimized theme and images.

Configure the Theme

The theme has a dedicated configuration panel – this one is very neatly developed and is easy to understand and configure. (In case you need help read further or even contact me)

Post adding required categories and basic configuration of the theme , your website is up and ready to go live. It was never this simple to create a Q&A website like Yahoo answers or AnswerBag.com

Feature Drill down

Inbuilt Language Options

A simple language option that would let you import and configure your blog in the available languages

Publish settings includes question expiry time

You could set up the publishing frequency to immediately publish questions or send them for reviewal and same is the case with answers.

Layout options that include – Favicon upload, Background upload and custom header upload

The layout options are simple yet really effective. It would allow you to upload your Favicon in 32×32 sizes. In addition you could upload your custom header and custom background. The theme also allows you to use a custom background color to be selected from the color palette. In case you have messed up the color and config then you could revert back with a reset option.

Excellent point system that can be configured for questions, answers and promoting

A Point system to engage your users and improve user interaction on your portal. This could be configured based on the priorities you have. Individual point configuration for new questions, new answers, and question promotions.

Never before feature of excellent niche based question import from yahoo answers automatically

This was one feature I was really impressed and never observed on any other Q&A scripts. The options allows you to import questions from Yahoo answers directly based on your search query or category. This option comes very handy when you are starting off your website and to fill it up with sensible content of your niche.

Spam control settings

The theme control panel has a simple spam control system that would help you to chuck out the unwanted users.

Other impressive features

  • Neat and stylish interface.
  • Light graphics and fast loading.
  • 24×7 Support
  • Excellent Widgets : login widget, Point system widgets, Ask question widgets are integrated
  • Custom user registration and profile page
  • Popular questions tabs
  • Search Engine friendly

You can check out the Q&A Script from DailyWP here


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