Deadly mistake that could Kill any Blogger

Many a times I interact with new bloggers, I observed that each time they taste the first bite of success they get great ideas to start another venture or blog, it’s not a bad idea if you have enough resources and time to equally support your new blog, other wise, and it’s a really BAD idea!

Many bloggers work their hearts out on their first blog and when they start finding success, its natural that every one gets a thought – “ive done well on this blog, then why not another good blog and multiply my profits? “  Even I have felt the same.

Now, what’s the mistake?

Even though blogs are plenty and so are bloggers, successful bloggers are exceptional! So if you have a blog and you have really worked hard on the blog for the past few months, it would not be a great idea to cut down your efforts on the blog to half.

This is exactly what happens in most cases when you start a new blog, sharing your efforts across two blogs would dampen future of your blog that has just shown some good signs.

Complete the circle

Do not loose focus on your primary blog unless your blog is on autopilot. Make sure it has a good loyal user base and impressive search engine traffic so that It could drive it self even if you are not publishing at full throttle. This is when you can think of launching a new blog or venture.

The message I am trying to convey is simple: Never make the mistake of spawning number of new blogs dreaming to multiply your profits. On the other hand chip in more effort on the same blog and take advantage of the great response that you are already receiving.


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