Dedicated day for each Webmaster Activity

Dedicated day for each Webmaster Activity

If you are a webmaster running a busy website single handed, i might not have to explain how it is like to manage all the activities that include content development, design, development, maintenance and most importantly publicizing all alone. Today we will discuss how to manage your time effectively to get things done smartly from a webmaster’s point of view.

Bifurcate and identify the tasks in hand

  • Design and Development Activities
  • Content Development and Writing activities
  • SEO and Social media optimization activities
  • Maintenance activities like web hosting, backup and health checks
  • Responding to readers and emails
  • As a webmaster, I have broadly classified my activities into the above list of 5 categories. Now how to manage the list of activities for not just one, sometimes many websites and portals is challenging.

Have a Schedule and a Plan to allocate work:

I usually schedule my writing activities throughout the week and its part of my regular schedule to write content for my prime blogs on a daily basis and i have planned the other activities like maintenance, SEO, design activities as single day activity (preferably over the week end).

As a full time blogger, I have the freedom to choose my work hours and its not more than 4 hours a day and this gives me loads of time for myself and family. As writing occupies most of my weekdays, I spend the weekends dedicated to Search Engine Optimization activities like link building, design tweaks and also maintenance activities.

2/5 Formula for Blog owners to allocate work:

I follow a simple formula that I call the ” 2/5 Formula” where I dedicate my weekends (Saturday, Sunday) exclusively for addition activities like SEO, writing eBook, social media campaigns, email newsletter sending etc. and use the other 5 days dedicated to writing content for my blogs.

Dedicated Saturday: Search Engine Optimization, Link Building activities, Social media campaigns, Email newsletter to readers, Facebook fan page updates etc.

Dedicated Sunday: Analyzing website traffic and growth, website maintenance, Backup activities, Design and development tweaks etc.

Take Home: Planning is required for every webmaster inorder to avoid losing track in between! Focus and patience is required when you are dreaming big with a web project