Difference between Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools

What is the Difference between Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools?

If you have already discovered Google Analytics and Google webmaster tools, Great Job! Both are awesome tools provided by Google to the world of webmasters for free. Now, you might have a difficulty in clearly differentiating between both the tools and their purpose, mainly because the menus and content look similar in both (revealing data about your website traffic). My aim is to hopefully clear all your questions about the difference between Analytics and Google WT.

Google Analytics is a pure analytics tool that focuses in providing you with valuable analytical information about your website traffic, sources and various data points.

We can broadly list the information provided by Analytics as:

  • Web Traffic information: The complete statistics of users visiting your website, on an hourly, daily monthly and yearly basis.
  • Visitor Information: A complete drilldown to learn more about the nature and pattern of your visitors in depth.
  • Keywords: A detailed analysis of the keywords driving traffic to your website and data capable of helping you improves traffic based on the keyword research.
  • Content and Demographic: Detailed user behavior towards website content, visit popularity, popular pages, time on site, real time user counts etc.
  • Conversions: Capability of setting goals on all parameters and tracking your progress / conversions.

On the Flip side, Google Webmaster tool is a totally different tool that helps you to see your website through the eyes of a Google Bot / crawler. This information can be used to improve your site on parameters like:

  • Improving the crawl rate
  • Improve indexing of web pages
  • Find and remove broken links
  • Upload sitemaps to Google
  • Build and manage sitelinks of your website
  • Set your crawl frequency, preferences.

To sum up Google webmaster tool is an aid to help fix and improve your websites performance from a SEO and Search perspective while Analytics is a pure analysis tool and mind you, both are super useful!


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