Difference between Google and Yahoo SEO Techniques

Difference between Google and Yahoo SEO

Difference between Google and Yahoo SEO

How are you all doing today? Its been a busy week me. I have been using various analytic tools to study and analyze my website traffic sources and few of them are: Stat counter, Google Analytics, Complete, Alexa and most importantly my web hosts own Awstats applications.

Recently I have been doing a lot of keyword research using MarketSamurai and it has helped me top spots on the Google search engine results on the keywords of my most popular blog posts. In addition, to study my visitor demography and the traffic pattern I was doing a bit of research. One particular fact that struck me while doing all the research is that 96% of my website traffic is from Google search engine and 4 percent from other search engines like Yahoo and Bing.

Google Domination

In the search engine sphere, Google simply dominates that traffic that I receive form the website. This does not mean that people do not use Yahoo, Bing or other Search engines. It simply means that I am only optimized for Google and do not rank any where on Yahoo. Even though almost 80% of the Internet users use Google search, There is a bracket of 20% of users using Yahoo search – This means you have a huge potential to bring some untapped source of traffic to your websites.

Factors affecting the Difference between Google and Yahoo SEO

  • On Page SEO factors are given more importance by Yahoo
  • Keyword density is critical for Yahoo
  • Internal links count for page rank in Yahoo system
  • Yahoo does not check Java and iFrame usage as much as Google bots does

The above are few major differences between the Google and Yahoo Algorithm or the factors that they consider before ranking a page in search engines. The factors in detail are explained below:

On-Page SEO factors: Onpage SEO factors affecting your ranking is something that you have total control on. If you are using a WordPress blog, then I take total control of the Onpage SEO using 2 plugins – wpSEO and SEOPressor. In case you are not using a blogging platform, still you could improve your onpage optimization, check out my detailed article on Onpage SEO optimization here

Keyword Density: The factor is already part of the OnPage SEO. KD is the ratio between total number of keywords as calculated against non-keywords used in the body text, title, link-anchor text, and meta tags. Even though Google also gives it importance but its comparatively less important unlike in Yahoo.

Internal links count for page rank in Yahoo system: Google considers only external backlinks as a factor affecting the Google PageRank while yahoo also has an internal PageRank system that is on the other hand influenced by internal linking also. Hence Internal cross linking is beneficial if you want to optimize for Yahoo search. The Yahoo page rank is called as “web rank” and is on a scale from 0 – 10.

Java and iFrame usage: Google has an extensive search and indexing algorithm. Yahoo on the other hand does not index or check Java and iframes as much as Google does.

TakeHome: If you are looking forward to achieving higher ranking in yahoo search results, then you must impress the Yahoo Slurp (bot) with excellent onpage SEO. Make sure you have the right keyword density, Title, Headings, Meta tags, Internal links etc.

Bonus: If you want to see how your page would look for a search engine bot through its eyes, check out the Search Engine Spider view simulator. Hope this article on Difference between Google and Yahoo SEO was helpful.


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