Difference between SEO Title and Post Title

Difference between SEO Title and Post Title

Hope you are all familiar on publishing posts on a WordPress blog. I am referring to simply adding a new blog post to your blog from the WordPress admin panel. The simplicity of this process makes WordPress the best and user friendly CMS.

Importance of a Blog post title

Reading a blog post is similar to tasting a new dish. Each time you are given a new dish, you might not try tasting the same if it smells really foul or looks odd right?

Same goes with the case of a random blog post on your blog. When a visitors views your blog title, he quickly decides if he / she should read this blog post. The title should be extra catchy and should leave you curious to read further.

Difference between SEO Title and Post Title

Search Engines bots don’t have curiosity!

Remember that all the feelings and emotions are only confined to humans. Search engine bots don’t have to feel curious to read your post. These crawling programs read and index anything and everything that they find new, so you do not have to be catchy here.

Post indexing, on receiving a new search query, these search engines look for the most relevant title, descriptions and keywords. So you have to be smart while writing a blog post to have a very appropriate title that includes the targeted keywords.

How to have a SEO friendly and Catchy Title

Its easy, with the help of superb SEO plugins like All in one SEO pack, its easy to add an SEO title, SEO description and SEO keywords for all the new posts that you publish.

This make sure that you readers read the catchy title and search engines read the SEO title. Both issues solved. Realize this early and make it a practice of having a catchy title for your readers and  SEO title for your search engines.

Hope you have enjoyed this article on difference between a SEO title and Blog post Title.