Different methods to Promote your Blog Offline

Different methods to Promote your Blog Offline

The secret behind a successful blogger is not only that he is a great blogger but he also has the ability to push his blog to million readers. If your blog is not able to reach the correct audience the impact of your blog would be nothing. Thus apart from e-marketing there are many offline modes which seems to be quite effective when it comes to marketing a blog. One can use some practically simple offline methods to promote his blogs like mentioning your blog on your business card, distributing pamphlets or flyers and word of mouth etc.

The most effective and simple way to promote your blog offline is to get it printed on your business card or on the letterhead. While exchanging the business card with the client you also share the information about your blog along with creating a good impression. The letterhead with the blog address will definitely inspire your client to look into your blog. You can also have the URL of your blog in the form of a sticker which you can used to paste on the regular correspondence sources with your client.  Stickers attract the attention of the people instantly and they are quite economical as well.

You can also have your blog and website address embedded on your slides of presentations.  It will immediately grab the interest of your clients.  One can also promote his blogs on radio shows, television shows, as guest speaker and also on the voice message by mentioning the blog address on the message. Local magazines are also a prompt way to get noticed. Printed materials like newspapers, hand flyers or pamphlets can also be useful to give publicity to your blog. One can also make his blog URL appears on the phone book directory or Sunday news paper, as several people read them. Sending direct mail or text messages regarding the details of your blog might also help pulling the crowd towards your blog.

Starting a tele-marketing campaign may also help in reaching too many clients. One may also sponsor some offline event where he expects the relevant clients may come. Setting a stall in any event may also spread awareness about your blog. You can also get the blog address printed on the T-shirts or other promotional stuff which people might like to buy and keep. Making your blog to any charitable organization may prove helpful, or just get it published on the church bulletin. Do something so that media covers your story, and in return you will get an automatic publicity. One can also take help of host promotional giveaways, as people love getting things for free. One can also develop some offline affiliate programs.

Sponsoring any sport or contest may also get your blog noticed in an outsized manner. You can also get associated with any local business which complements your work. Thus you can get offline presence and in return you can promote that business online. To motivate people for reading your blog, you have to keep using online and offline modes simultaneously!

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