Different ways to make money online

Today i would be discussing simple but real key methods using which i make money online. This would be a short article that would let you know the different channels or sources that you could make money easily by spending some quality time in a systematic manner.

I am a problogger and earn full time with my blog OrangeCopper i started this blog few years ago, but now its capable enough to give me a stable source of income and the best part is i do not do anything now, the search engines and other websites that link to my blog are delivering me stable traffic and i have already got mechanism in place that would easily convert my traffic into money. The first step to achieve the same would be to set up a wordpress blog. Dont you worry in this blog i would teach you from the scratch on how to develop a blog and various methods to monetize the blog. Few of the major methods that i have deployed on my blog are:

  • Adsense or other advertising media
  • Display banner ads and get paid for it
  • Affiliate marketing – The big paying fish
  • Offline speeches on niche specific topics
  • Paid reviews on my blog
  • Selling ebooks i have authored
  • Amazon products sales
  • And more !!!

I would come with more details on how even you could do this very soon !! Btw – below is the chart released by State of the blogsphere survey done by Technorati that shows how most bloggers make money.


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