Discussion Forums – A Boon to Webmasters

Discussion Forums – A boon to webmasters

If you have been already blogging for a while, am sure you might have faced issues in finding an appropriate topic to blog about. Brain storming for ideas to blog about is one of the major challenges for any blogger.

You could refer to one of my previous articles to learn more about what to do when your ideas dry up.

One of my favorite places to find topics to blog about is from any of the top webmaster forums. These forums are always bubbling with a large number of user’s discussion on day to day events and news on the Internet.

These communities not only provide us with the ideas, but also treat us with some great data set and information that you could use in your blog posts. Some other useful sources where you could find ideas to blog about are:

  • Other Blogs in your own niche
  • Google News on your targeted niche (healthcare, Politics, Technology etc)
  • Subscribing to feeds.
  • Sit back and think what all you are good at in your niche.

Other advantages of using forums

There are more advantages of using discussion forums – like understanding the market pulse and generating traffic. Few advantages of participating in forum discussions are:

  • Network with like minded webmasters
  • Use forum signatures for SEO
  • Learn and share on topics within your niche
  • Receive traffic from forum users to your websites.

Take Home: To sum up, it is a great idea to regularly be part of discussions in at least few of the top discussion forums to improve your knowledge and simultaneously benefit from  the same.



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