Ditch the Blind Social Media Marketing Practices

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Given the volume of statistical information given in social media, allowing marketers to access an unprecedented amount of data for free, it is ironic how difficult the value of social media is to quantify.

A mistake often made by businesses is to take the traditional approach to cost/benefit analysis in this regard. For example, if you were to hire a web agency to do your social media for you for £400 a month with a target of gaining you 300 Facebook fans within 3 months, you might assess the value to work out at £4 per fan.

Although it’s tempting to make this assessment, it is missing the point of social media on two counts. The first is that any given fan may be worth more to you than another. On a simplistic level this is apparent just from the number of friends they have. Someone with 500 friends ‘liking’ your post is inherently more valuable than someone with only 100 friends. It’s a case of visibility.

Equally, you never know who your Facebook fans are in real life (although it can help to findout). You could have 5 future clients in your 100 Facebook fans, or none in your 500. The numbers don’t tell the whole story.

On the flip side, a smaller number of more engaged fans are probably worth more to you than a large number of unengaged fans. The more engaged they are, the more likely they are to take an action on Facebook such as ‘liking’ or sharing your content, which gives you more visibility than a large raw number of fans.

In either case, it’s the networking (or indeed, social) aspect of social media that makes it worth investing in, and it’s this side that cannot be quantified.

Obviously for small businesses it’s difficult to make any sort of outlay for something so difficult to measure, but as Facebook overtakes Google as the most visited site on the internet, having a presence is essential for any business operating online.

The best advice for any small business hiring a web agency to look after their social media is to make sure they’re not just blinding you with numbers. Although they’re the easiest results to see, they’re not necessarily the most valuable.

Your Take Home:

  • Social media is one of the biggest boon to Internet when used in the right way
  • It’s not the number of followers you have that matters, but how many are interested in your messages.
  • Spending huge amount on social media marketing will not guarantee you success. It needs to be done wisely.
  • Invest more time on providing value through your website and you would be appreciated on the social media if you have the right ingredients to publicize your services.

So Dich the Blind Marketing methods and do it the Right way!Wishing you all great success.

This guest post is contributed by Nick Lewis. He is digital strategist for web design agency Bozboz.  You could check out his blog here


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