Don’t be a crazy Stats freak

Do not go Crazy about checking website Statistics

By mentioning stats I am referring to website statistics and metrics that has always been a source of motivation for bloggers and website owners. Website and earning stats are certainly very important numbers to analyze your pace and progress, but you should never overdo this as it can do harm to your productive time and morale.

I know how exciting it can get when you see visitors flowing into your website and Google Adsense income increasing day by day, as a matter of fact even I personally used to break my head over checking the Adsense dashboard several times in an hour! With years of working in the web based business I soon realized that it’s more exciting and rewarding to limit yourselves from checking stats to maybe once a week or even twice a month.

Do not go crazy about checking website statistics

Ideally the statistical numbers should be a source of:

1. Inspiration
2. Pattern to analyze your traffic
3. Data set to improve your keyword authority
4. A target setter to break the following month

In short, do jot waste your time by checking your statistics when there is lesser data sample and try to spend enough time once or twice a month the thoroughly analyze and dissect your progress to set goals and action items for the next month.

Checking your website traffic stats and earning reports will not improve your numbers, on the flip side if it’s going downward it could even demotivate your morale. A practice to analyze your numbers once a month and work towards your goals set for the next month will certainly keep you focused and improving.

Take home: next time you are tempted to check your stats, do that for once and all, derive your target and action items for the next two weeks and utilize the time you have saved on more productive actives!


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