Do you experience more visits but fewer conversions?

Do you experience more visits but fewer conversions?

If you are already into internet marketing and trying to make a decent income from it, you might be facing this problem of high page views and clicks on your affiliate links but less conversions.

There could be more than one reason that you are not able to convert the clicks to affiliate sales:

  • The information you have provided is just not enough for the reader
  • Your review isn’t impressive enough
  • The official product sales page failed to impress the user (Major reason)

The reason of not able to convert your hard earned page view could be any of the above. Today we would discuss on how to improve your sales conversion rate.

The information you have provided isn’t really great

Often visitors reach your page or blog in search of some specific information they are looking for on the internet. They might have landed there because you might be higher in SERP results on search engines. You should optimize your content to match the title that you have provided for your page, this rules out the chances of the potential buyer to leave your page without purchasing.

Try your best to include as much as relevant information for your visitors and clearly list down the positive sides of purchasing the product. It is vital that you really test and only then recommend the product as it is very important to maintain your credibility by avoiding promotion of bad products.

The Official Product Sales page might have failed to impress the buyer

It sometimes happens that you simply give an outline of the product features and add an affiliate link sending the user to the product sales page. In this scenario, you are completely depending on the effectiveness of the official product sales page.

There could be great products that are marketed poorly! It is up to you to identify great products and highlight the best features that you really loved and recommend them to your users. The best practice workflow that could improve your chances to sell an affiliate product is:

  • Use the product and test its features yourself.
  • Write a detailed review and explain the product’s working, features, pros and cons.
  • Write a good article to convince the user if you are confident about the product.
  • Refer the user to the purchase link to close the deal.
  • Publicize your post and optimize to receive more hits.

Note: In addition to the above, if you could give them one good reason to purchase the product from you (A coupon code or a loyalty discount) it will assure a quick and prompt purchase.

Take Home: Internet affiliate marketing has great earning potential. The two pillars of affiliate marketing are Search Engine Optimization and Great writing Skills. Writing great content and promoting them well will assure success in affiliate marketing.