Does the Article size really matter?

It’s often debated topic if a long or short article is more effective while writing articles. Some blogger support the opinion of writing one detailed article is better than several short ones and vice versa.

I would recommend that you should be publishing a combination of both on your blogs. Both long and short posts have their own advantages and it’s the topic that should be considered while making the choice.

Many readers don’t have the patience of reading longer posts and In most cases they simply bookmark the pos and forget about it. While if you are writing very precisely to the point, it will save your time as well as the readers!

When should you prefer writing a long post?

After Doing a keyword research with tools like Market samurai or google keywords tool, you should identify the demand and competition for a particular topic you are writing on. If there is less competition and the chances of appearing top on the search engine results page, it’s wiser to write a more detailed and extensive article.

When should you write short articles?

If you feel that the topic has enough competition on the web and it has the potential of breaking down into smaller articles, it’s wiser to write several smaller posts. This would impels your blog’s post frequency and keep your regular readers satisfied.

Take home: it is not important I’d your post is long or short, it should do justice to the purpose of writing the article and deliver maximum value to your readers.