Don’t force yourself to Blog

I have often observed many bloggers talking about a daily target to publish articles on their blogs. It is not a bad idea to be organized and have a scheduled blogging approach but definitely BAD to force yourself into blogging.

Let us assume that you really love watching movies, are you forced to watch 1 movie everyday and plan it 30 days in advance? Absolutely No! Same goes with blogging, simply don’t force yourself on doing something that you naturally enjoy.

If you are not really in the right mood to write an article on your blog today, simply do it tomorrow. Don’t let the page ranks and income reports ruin your passion for blogging.

Don’t hurry, have patience!

All the professional bloggers and successful webmasters are not what they are overnight. Successful blogging is a long journey that requires patience, dedication and most important – love for what you blog about. So keep it simple and enjoy your blogging, success will follow you over time.

Writing content is not everything

Stuffing your blog with loads of information and waiting for visitors to come will not do the trick, there are more to do like Search Engine optimization, Blog commenting, Interacting with your readers, Exploring forums and other blogs, Networking with other niche bloggers, researching on niche topics etc.

If you are really not in the mood to write an article, utilize that time for some activities that could improve publicizing your blog. In case you are not really in a mood to spend time on your blog at all, take some time off and spend time in the offline world (The Real World :=) ).

Stay refreshed and make sure you do not strain your brain!


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