Don’t trust the search engines – Blindly!

Trust! A great feeling, isn’t it? Yes, indeed it was all that kept me motivated as a blogger until I realized that its not a great idea to save all your eggs in the same basket.  Let me explain what I am talking about here.

The good old days

The above pie chart show exactly how my website traffic looked a year ago. My blog was doing really good. Each day I could see thousands of new visitors flooding my website and the future looked bright and sparkly. All the search engines were my friends and they would get me about 70 – 80 percent of my new traffic. More than 75 percent of my website hits were from search engines alone.

A Change was inevitable

The story went on well, same way I continued to improve my traffic rankings. My earnings from the blog looked decent and stable. It was time for the story to change, usually my day starts with reading emails, checking my websites and then Google analytics.

One fine day I started observing that there was a new trend on my Google analytics dashboard and it wasn’t a good trend either! My traffic was dipping, so was my page views. I quickly plunged into a deeper analysis and discovered that my website traffic had dropped more than 40% in 2 weeks, the trend continued and later it went down to 65% approximately. I was more than devastated!

I had to learn from my mistakes

Yes, I had to learn from my mistakes. But what was my mistake? You might have already guessed it! Yes, Trusting the SERPS blindly was my only big mistake. When I looked back at my earlier traffic stats, I noticed something that did give me some hope – The direct traffic and referring traffic remained almost the same and it was consistent.

Even though Search engines ditched me, I was glad that the lingering contributors never let me down and this really did motivate and repair my sprit (at least partially).

I had to come back

I could not afford to break down and disregard my efforts. I trusted the good content I already had on my blog and courage to work harder. After many months of persistent hard work and efforts, my blog was back in track. This time I had more direct traffic and a lot more subscribers who would visit my blog each time I post a matchless article. Few more months later I was surprised to see my website traffic exponentially increasing – Guess what? The search engine traffic is back, but this time I only considered them as bonus traffic.

Take home: Always trust your efforts, have patience, build high value content, do stuff differently and you will certainly find success. Back up plan is a must, things could go wrong and if you never had one, stand back on your feet , learn the lesson and fight back.

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  1. Stacey Abo February 2, 2011