Earn Money Recommending WordPress Themes

Earn Money Recommending WordPress Themes

As we have discussed earlier, affiliate marketing is a powerful method to earn money online recommending great products available in your niche. One of the easiest method to run a successful affiliate campaign is by recommending top quality WordPress themes to earn a decent amount on each sale you refer.

The beauty of WordPress themes is that any niche blog can promote the themes as there could always be visitors / webmaster interested to purchase good WordPress themes or frameworks. There are loads of high quality theme developers that accept affiliate signup and few of my favorite theme companies are:

1. WooThemes
2. Elegant Themes
3. Appthemes
4. ThemeForest
5. RocketThemes

Most of the companies offer an affiliate commission of 50% on an average and the deal sums up to a great amount If you are able to sell quite a few referrals.

A superb strategy most webmasters adopt for promoting themes is by using a theme or framework to develop their website that look fantastic from a design and usage perspective and add a banner saying “this blog runs on ABC theme” this will create a curiousness among webmasters who are impressed with the design and it could lead to yet another sale! Every day, there are thousands of new blogs being started by blogging aspirants and majority of them are running on free themes. It’s up to you on how you convey the message encouraging to start using high quality premium themes instead of cracked and poorly coded free themes.

Nowadays most theme manufacturers like WooThemes and Elegant themes offer club membership for a fixed price as low as 39 USD for downloading the entire collection of themes and this is easier to convince as the deal by itself is overwhelmingly awesome!

Give it a try promoting premium themes on your blog and you will be surprised to know the outcome! Make sure you keep trying at least for one or two months because most affiliate programs offer cookie like upto 60 days – that means for a click today, you could make a sale after a month to earn commission in your favor. Good luck with your affiliate marketing campaigns, feel free to spill your questions here.