eCommerce Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

eCommerce Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid   

eCommerce Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

A website that has a little over well-to-do budget is very easy to identify. This goes the same with those websites that have a poor sense of creativity (and style) and low budget cut for a professional web design customization.  The first couple of sentences are just to let you know that even if you have a large budget or low budget for a web design, still it does not determine your success or downfall in eCommerce. Here are common eCommerce Web Design mistakes that you should avoid.

Flash Intros, Splash Pages

Flash intros are very cool—really. But if we are talking about download speed and a fulfilling user experience, it is almost very low to nothing. Not all online shoppers shop using a high speed broadband Internet, and knowing that Flash Intros are cool but on the other hand, is also waste of time as most visitors would want to make purchase. When you create a website, or have others design it for your company, be sure to let them know that a splash page or a flash intro is not necessary at all.

Avoid too much details on the product page

Some eCommerce websites fail to put more details into a product that makes it less attractive. The “details” we’re talking about here are not the essay-type one but at least you provide dimensions, available colors, weight, and care instructions needed. Make your products closer to reality as people will always have doubt if the product you have is something that they really want. It is also recommended to make a photo gallery type of a product page with:

  • The number of items in stock
  • Price
  • A link or a button to discuss more details about the product

Always make sure that you have high quality photos of your stocks to encourage your audience in buying them. This is especially required to those eCommerce galleries that sell clothing, accessories, food products, and the like, as customers need to see them if it suits them.

Not Having a simple Checkout process 

Some eCommerce Websites drive away customers in their check out processes. It’s a very long checkout process and there are a lot of options. The best way to handle a check out process is provide a single page where customers are to place their billing options and other important details. If you need to promote something, do not do it in the check out process.

Hiding your Contact Page 

 A contact page is one of the vital areas to focus on when you create your own website, A contact page is where you can place the contact information of your company and make your website more credible to your customers. If they do not see your contact page right away, it might make them think that your website is a scam. Your contact page should be seen in the navigation menu, in the upper fold, and at the footer. It should contain the following information:

  • Your name (or the name of your company)
  • Email Address
  • Contact Number
  • Company Address (should you want to lead them to your physical office/store)

Also, if you have an available online chat support or ticket submission system, make this visible as well.

Creating a Poor Navigation Structure

When your website lacks a good navigation quality, chances are, your customers will be lost when browsing the pages of your site. Always create your pages with appropriate titles and URL structures and provide each page with the navigation menu you have in your home page. In that way, you will be giving them a menu that is familiar and is easy to use. Also, it is important to create a sitemap of pages before creating your own website. This is to ensure that no page will be left hanging and that everything will at least be indexed by the search engine bots. Creating an orderly sitemap makes your website easier for both users and search engines to use.

When you create a website, sometimes, it can be quite challenge to put a balance between design and usability. Budget is not even an issue in creating a website that is both striking and functional just like the gadgets and the trending websites available today. Once you are done designing your own website, ask your non-techie friends or family to navigate through your new website. Listen to their comments and feedback as to what they love or hate about your website, and if they find it easy or difficult to use. List down the positive and the negative points and consider their criticism as something that will make your eCommerce website better.


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