Email marketing Best Practices

Email marketing best practices

Email marketing is the best method to improve your website’s traffic. The main advantages of email marketing are that even if search engines ditch you, still you will continue to receive the traffic from your loyal subscribers.

Identifying the crops from the weeds: It is imperative that you do a regular audit on your subscribers list, most of the best email marketing programs like Aweber are paid services and you pay for the number of emails you sent in each campaign.

We have to carefully and regularly identify the subscribers who are inactive and who do not read your emails at all. This makes sure that you do not loose out on any bandwidth and email numbers.

After removing inactive accounts: The advantage of removing inactive and useless email accounts is that, you realize the truth. The absolute reality on how many real people follow your emails and newsletters from your fat subscribers list.

This helps you to maintain a cleaner list and effectively run successful email campaigns. The best newsletter service I recommend and use is Aweber.

email marketing best practices

Send emails out periodically: It is vital to have a emailing frequency, this makes it easy for your regular readers to know when they should expect the next email from you. In addition, it also helps you plan and schedule your email newsletters.

Avoid usage of too many hyperlinks: It’s a good idea to avoid the usage of too many outbound links in a newsletter emails. Include the entire content in the email and do not be selfish in converting the email into another page-view by adding a “read more” link. Ideally, this is what differentiates an newsletter from a news feed.

Keep it simple and informative: Have loads of useful information within your email letter and keep it simple too. Post sending your email newsletter its important to track the success rate of your campaign. This will help you find out who all read the email , who clicked the links within the email etc.

Have a tempting title: 90% of readers skip the email if the title is boring. Its critical that your title is tempting and makes the potential reader curious to read more.  Once they have read your email, leave a hyperlink to the source of the article giving them an option to post their comments or opinions.

Hope this article has thrown some more light on email marketing best practices.


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