Ever considered making your Blog Google Adsense Free?

Ever considered making your Blog Google Adsense Free?

Google adsense is often considered and referred to as the top earning source or income generating medium for Blogs and to an extent it is very true.

I personally generate about 20 USD on an average day from google adsense and I am pretty happy about the extra income that I recive almost in a passive manne. Now the question is, Have you ever tried freeing your blog from Google adsense ads and observed what It could do to your blog’s performance and readership?

A note to specially to newbie bloggers

Its is over and over again observed that new problogging aspirants contact  me complaining that I have started a great blog and also installed adsense all over but fail to generate any income from the blog.

The only formula that works for income blogging is: Traffic [directly propotional to] Blog income. Be it Google adsense or Affiliate marketing, it all depends on one factor – your blog traffic or readership.

A new blog with less or even no traffic serving ads is equal to a movie playing without any audience! If you want to make it big with professional blogging earning you an income, make sure you scrap away all the advertisements on your blog and continue to stuff it with some awesome content until the day you are sure there is enough visitors to appreciate you content and serve your ads ( I personally would give this period at least a 6 months time).

Ive tried and tested this formula many a times

Each time I work as a consultant or start a new blog for myself, I only concentrate on building great content for the first few monts and make sure the blog is clean without any ads.

With adsense ads cluttered all over your new blog or website, it will only shoo away potential loyal visitors from you blog by simply appearing crappy and spammy.

Now, If you have an established blog

Trying different methods and testing success rates is a positive trait for any blogger. Its important that you give up a week’s adsense income and try using other ad sources or even use your custom banners for affiliate marketing and it could work better.

I have tried this method on this blog by still not using adsense and instead using my affiliate banners – its working great for me!

Take Home: Google adsense is a great source of income – But that is not the only one, think out of the box and try different alternatives but make sure that your new blog should be clean atleast for a while.