Everyone loves at least one niche!

If you are skeptical about starting a blog and yet not sure if you should, you could use this post to tell me what is stopping you from starting your blog.

I have seen many people who’d love to launch a blog but are simply not sure on what to blog about! Now, let me solve your problem – simply answer my questions:

1. What is that you are very passionate about?
2. Is there some subject that you love to stay updated on?
3. Which page on a newspaper interests you the most?
4. In what area do you have a work experience in?

Am sure most of you might have identified their niche of interest answering the above questions. If you have still not been able to identify the niche, here are two more questions:

1. Do you enjoy food?
2. Do you watch movies and have an opinion?

Think on the above examples and on the similar simple lines and am sure it won’t take much time for youth decide a niche and start off blogging!

Take home: if you have the interest and want to earn money from blogging online, don’t delay it. The late you start – the longer it takes!

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  1. DSR August 8, 2011