FaceBook Powered SEO for Google Search

FaceBook Powered Search Engine Optimization for Google Search

As a webmaster, am sure you already know the conventional methods of SEO by link building and optimizing the content on a web page. Today I am excited to share another observation or rather a finding that could change your perspective on the modern day SEO.

Last week the internet was buzzing with the Thanksgiving sales and deals being searched by millions of people around the globe trying to secure a good deal. As this was a trending topic for the black friday day, I decided to spend some time to research on this to take home something useful as the data sample was huge! To my surprise, I found that when you do a simple search for the best Black friday deals for several products or product categories, the search result page (SERP) was dominated by Facebook pages and not really the web pages!

Lets do a real case study:

If you observe the below search string on Google search on the day of ThanksGiving Eve for a Canon 7D camera, I was surprised to see that the top three results generated are nothing but a Facebook Page and this page does not seem to have much activity but still it was successful to overthrow other “web pages” with the same content.

How these FB pages work as a successful business model?

As such a page was successful in ranking top on a keyword search, the page content simply redirects the user to a Amazon deals page and it converts into an affiliate sale for the page owner easily earning him a affiliate commission for every such sale!

FaceBook Powered Search Engine Optimization for Google Search

Take Home: Its not late to understand the importance and SEO value of an appropriately optimized Facebook page that could serve as a landing page for several of your keywords and bring people form the top of the SERPs.


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