Featured Interview: Ali Luke from AliVentures.com

Dear readers, Today I am very excited to share Orangecopper’s Latest interview with the Ali Luke – Founder & Blogger at AliVentures. She is popular for her excellent writing skills. I recommend you all to check out her blog as there is loads of great information for new and seasoned bloggers. Thank you Ali for spending time for our readers.

Please introduce yourself to our readers – Please describe how you earn a living online?

I’m Ali Luke, and I make my living from a number of different online income streams. The main ones are from freelance writing, mostly for blogs, coaching, and selling my own ebooks.

I also get a bit of money from affiliate sales (promoting other people’s products) and from advertisers.

As a blogger, it’s difficult to keep yourself pumped up! What motivates you for Blogging?

Well, about half the blog posts I write are freelance ones – so the money keeps me motivated! 😉 Almost as important as that, though, is writing about topics which interest me on blogs with a large audience.

When I’m writing for my own blog, I’m especially motivated by getting great comments from readers, and by my desire to build up my audience.

Tell us about your main project, Aliventures?

Aliventures has evolved along with my business. Right now, it’s my blog, and a platform for selling my coaching services and my ebooks. I aim the blog at writers and at anyone who’s got an adventurous spirits and wants to get more from life.

If you had to zero down to one good reason for your success, what would be it?

I use my strengths. I’ve been writing for many years, and have a degree in English Literature and a Masters in Creative Writing. Good writing is so important online, and it’s something I’ve spent years practising! I’ve also got a bit of at technical background (I had a day job in tech support for a couple of years), so I’m able to fiddle around with WordPress and so on, without having to spend lots of money or time learning what to do.

If you can go back and correct few mistakes from the day you started blogging, what would that be?

My very first blog was a diary-style one about my life as a student. I’ve deleted it from the internet, it was that bad! 😉 I wish I’d known sooner that I could make real money from blogging, as I’d have stuck with it during my student years and instead of going into tech support, I’d have been a full-time blogger from the day I finished university!

Why do you love the Internet and the Internet life style? (when compared to a normal day Job)

I love the freedom and flexibility, and the fact that no two days are quite the same! I get bored quickly, so I really enjoy being able to blog on all sorts of different topics, and learn loads of new skills.

What do you do apart from blogging and writing? Any future plans you would like to share to our readers?

As well as working on my own writing, I coach writers, helping with everything from sentence structure and word choice to long-term planning and strategy. (You can find out a bit more about that at http://www.aliventures.com/coaching).

When I’m not working, I love long walks with my husband, or curling up with a good book.

I’m really excited about some new projects that I’m working on for 2011 – I’m going to be branching out into membership courses, because I know not everyone can afford to work one-to-one with a coach. I’m looking forward to getting to help loads of writers instead of just a few.


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