Featured Interviews: Thomas Sinfield from StandoutBlogger.com

Interview of Thomas sinfield from StandoutBlogger.com

Dear readers, today I am very excited to share Orangecopper’s Latest interview with the Thomas Sinfield – Founder & Blogger at StandOutBlogger. He is popular for his high quality blog and niche website income strategies.  I recommend you all to check out his blog as there is loads of great information for new and seasoned bloggers. Thank you Tom for spending time for our readers.

Please introduce yourself to our readers

Hey, my name is Thomas Sinfield from Queensland, Australia and I am 25y/o and married with a beautiful 9month old daughter. I run quite a few blogs and niche sites as well as also doing website design and SEO on a freelance basis for local clients.

Could you describe what are the main sources of your blogging income as a blogger?

In post affiliate marketing is definitely a main source of my online income making up for (I would guess) about 70%. What ‘in post’ affiliate marketing is, is when you refer to relevant products and services within your content. So we are not talking about sidebar ad’s.

Because over 80% of my traffic across all my sites comes from search engines, I have been able to pick out the posts and pages that get consistent daily traffic and go back and edit those pages to include offers and links to related products.

Tell us more about StandOutBlogger, when you started it and the interesting name?

I started ‘blogging about blogger’ a couple of years prior to starting StandOutBlogger. I was blogging at my own name and growing a good, responsive audience when a thought struck me.

‘If I ever want to sell my blog – I can’t, because then I would have to sell my name (ThomasSinfield.com) with it.‘

So after that I started planning a transition to a new domain name and the reason I choose that name was because there were so many blogs on the internet and a lot of them just get lost in the crowd. My goal was (and still is) to help people create and run blogs that ‘stand out’ and get noticed.

What is your schedule and style of working?

To be honest I lack a solid schedule. I am very much a ‘work fits around everything else’ type of person. I know this probably isn’t the smartest business move, but the main reason I work online and from home is so that I can spend quality time with my family – and that is my blogs will never come first. That being said, I am working on trying to be a lot more consistent with my productivity while I am working.

What could have made me successful sooner?

Well based off my last question I would probably say, ‘If I worked harder and more focused’. As well as that, on the niche site front, I think if I focused my effort one just 2-3 of them and built them to be much bigger sites instead of have a lot more little niche sites (this is something I am only just starting to work on).

As a blogger, how do you keep yourself motivated and ticking

My motivation has always been two fold.
1. To spend as much time with my family (Not have to go to a job): This is a constant motivation and is getting closer to becoming a reality. I currently work part-time as a builders laborer (usually 1-2 days a week), and each day that I have to work provides me with the motivation to     keep building my online business so that I can eventually make the final leap to working full-time online.

2. The thrill of the chase: As well as that, I am also a very competitive person so seeing my online income increasing, or my over traffic rising is a massive buzz. That is one of the reasons that I love working with SEO so much. It is basically like a competition to see if you can rank number 1 for a keyword and I love seeing the sites I am working on jump up the ranks and become profitable.

What is you personal advice to a blogger who is just starting off today?

Focus your efforts and getting ready for some hard work! The majority of new blogs come and go before people have a chance to find them because the bloggers are looking for quick money and easy fame. Blogging is just like anything else, it takes time and effort to succeed – so have patience.

Any future plans you would like to share with out readers?

I am planning of working on a couple of my niche sites to build them into authority sites in their niches. Aside from that I am in the early stages of launching a free SEO training course for small business owners and hopefully also growing my freelance SEO work. I am not working on any paid products (I like to give all my information away on my blogs).

Kindly share more about your success with Niche Blogs and Internet marketing?

My niche blogging strategy is a simple 3 step process that I will share with you.

1. Research Keywords: Keyword research is the most important part of the niche site process because not matter how much content you write and how good you are at promoting the products – if no one is searching for your content then ultimately your niche site will fail. I actually created a free video on the keyword research process that I use (Niche Market Research video).

2. Create Content: once you know which keywords people are searching for in your niche you need to start writing content and a lot of it. My most successful niche sites are the ones that I have written the most content for, so target as many of the long tail keywords in your niche as you can find and write great content around those keywords.

3. Promote Products: I think I do things a little differently to most niche marketers, but I don’t really source our products to promote on a niche site until I start seeing a constant flow of traffic. this allows me to focus on getting the traffic instead of worrying about affiliate commissions. Adsense is always a great place to start with a niche site, but also look into CJ.com, Clickbank and even CPL (cost per lead) affiliate offers.

In your opinion, what could be that one key factor that separates a “successful blogger” and the masses

There are a couple of key factors that I see, but they can all stem down to ‘commitment’.

If you are committed to creating a successful blog then you will do what it takes. You will write great content, you will stick it out when the going get’s tough. You will keep trying and testing different ways of doing things until you find what works for you. If you are committed, you will succeed.

Thank you Tom for your time!  Dear readers, Hope you enjoyed the Featured interview of Thomas Sinfield from StandoutBlogger.com.


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