Find out how websites looked years ago!

Find out how websites looked years ago!

Have you ever wondered how Google’s first page looked like when they started their website more than a decade ago? Well, don’t just wonder, you can find that out using WayBackMachine

The internet archive located at has all the websites and their pages cached over the years as a store house of our history. The first page of Google stored on the internet archive is dated way back in November 11th 1998 (Screenshot attached).

It is really interesting to find how all the top websites looked in the past and you can really find the transition in the designs from those days till date. If you have a website of your own, even you can see your pages uploaded when you started them. It is so interesting that even you might not even have those pages stored at your end.

The archive took me back to my first website that I started in the year 1999 called It was a social networking forum that I had to drop due to the viral traffic and sadly I could not support the web hosting fees back in my college days.

This is one truly nostalgic archive that will surely take you down the memory lanes especially if you have a website that you had spend loads of time on and you had to eventually let go.

Find out how websites looked years ago

Take Home: Website age is very valuable and never let go your dear websites for money, continue to support your efforts or find sponsors, your efforts will certainly be appreciated down the lane. Hope you enjoyed the article on find out how websites looked years ago


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