Find the Nearest Inspiration for Successful Blogging

Find the Nearest Inspiration for Blogging Success

Everyone needs Inspiration to become successful in Life and the same goes true when it comes to Blogging as well. The smartest way to find inspiration is to choose a successful blog or webmaster that is doing better than you in your niche and outdo his ranking. Once you have equaled or outdone your nearest Inspiration, find the next!

Identify Your Niche Experts

The first step towards this approach is to identify the top blogs in your niche and classify them based on various factors like:

  • Niche Authority and popularity
  • Web site rank and stats like Alexa
  • Income or performance reports

Once you have identified the major blogs in your niche, classify them based on the other factors and identify few nearest inspirations within your reach. Do not start off straight away by comparing your success with the big daddies of your niche as it could hurt your optimism.

The top blogs are successful as a result of huge amount of time and effort being spent by their respective webmasters. It is wise and more practical to set short term goals and surpass blogs within our reach as of now.

Set Short term Goals and achieve them

Identify the blogs closer to your blog in the list that you have prepared and set short term goals to overhaul these blogs based on the parameters you have set (for example Alexa rank or monthly page views).

Make sure you track your success and celebrate each time your reach the goals set for the period. Analyze and note down the factors that helped you to achieve the success and move on with the next goal and go beyond your next inspiration.

Carefully analyze your competition

The reason you are inspired by few blogs is because they are slightly more successful that you. Take some time and analyze the different factors that help them to stay ahead of you. There could be certain unique strategies that they have implemented or they might have a different approach.

Based on the information you have collected through market research and competition analysis, improve and equip your blog with more changes that will help you find the next set of inspiration.

Rinse and Repeat the Formula

I never knew I could build a top blog with huge number of visitors and great activity when I started. I did the mistake of comparing my efforts with the industry leaders and it only resulted in burning my love for blogging!

Take smaller strides and have a periodic and organized approach. Rinse and repeat the formula and you will soon be surprised to find that the niche experts are just few steps away from where you are. Stay Inspired!