Finding a domain name and web hosting

This is the first step to your internet business – It’s as important as naming your business. The domain name is one single part of your online image that cannot be changed all of a sudden. Hence I personally advice you to take your sweet own time to find a great domain name for your website. I have named and registered 200+ websites in the last 10 years of my internet experience. In my early days I have felt, I should have thought again on the name. So you make sure you are very confident on the website / domain name you are going to select.

Its very hard or mostly impossible to get good domain names now a days due to the ever increasing demand and website numbers. So naming your domain should be a very smart act.

Your domain should:

  • Be unique
  • Speaking of the nature of your website (not always though)
  • Not very long
  • Easy to remember
  • Preferred without hyphens
  • TLD should be preferably – .com / .net or your local TLD

That’s a little hard huh? Yes, its hard, but rewarding enough. So spend quality time on domain name research. I could suggest the tools that I usually use for domain research. Two very unique and excellent tools are: Wordoid and Namestation . These two tools could be used to find very good brandable and unique domain names that are available for registration.

Bonus: you could refer to two useful articles that I have written at the OC blog on domain research:

Finding a good web host for your online business

Having a good web hosting for your aid is very critical. I would support if you say you want to go with a shared hosting when you start off your online business. Purchasing a dedicated server early is not the best thing unless you have some extra cash.

All my websites are hosted with Hostgator and I am very happy with their service and cost involved. If you are interested you could use the dedicated discount they offer me for my readers.

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In addition, if you want to select another good web hosting. You can read our latest detailed review published for the best web hosting companies of 2011

Hope this article was useful for you to find a good domain and select a web hosting.


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