Fiverr is not about the 5 Dollars

Fiverr is not about the 5 Dollars

Fiverr is not about the 5 Dollars

If you have not heard about Fiverr, I guess you might want to read my review about Fiverr. In short, fiverr is a freelance platform where you can find small jobs or gigs for 5 USD.

From a webmaster’s perspective, all the small services you could offer on Fiverr are like graphic designing, logo designing, and wordpress gigs etc.

Even though, I could make 50 – 60 USD easily an hour with my existing clients and projects, I still work for atleast 5 – 6 gigs or small projects on fiverr. You might be wondering, if you can make big money other ways, why should this chap still work on Fiverr for mere 5 USD.

The answer is straight – Networking. Fiverr has an enormous user base and great people to work with. You might be only earning 5 USD per work, but each time you impress a new contact – that simply means future business. You have made a valuable contact.

Internet Business models revolve around people networks

Yes, All that matters is how many people trust your service and are willing to get back to you. We should work smart here, identifying Fiverr’s great potential and the mass exposure it could give you, it is not a bad idea to get connected to future business providers.

Once you impress your client and they realize you could do much more for them, they will certainly connect to you for bigger projects very soon.

The best part is that, its easy to impress buyers with your work. They get impressed and happy for the very reason that they only spent 5 USD for such great work. Connect with them and keep in touch, they will certainly approach you on the next big gig.

Take Home: Never under estimate the power and potential of human networking and contacts. Make good connections and some or the other day you will appreciate the fact that you did connect. Hope you got the message why Fiverr is not about the 5 Dollars.