Free Webex Alternatives

Free Webex Alternatives 2011

Free Webex Alternatives 2011

This is the era of the Internet! Be it shopping, movies or even going places are online with great applications like Google street view. Today we would be discussing the best free web based alternatives to e-meeting solutions like WebEx or Go2meeting.

We would be discussing only the two best free alternatives that could be used to schedule and organize meetings or trainings with 100s of members.

Some of the features are:

  • free phone conferencing
  • screen sharing
  • invitation & registration tools
  • Opinion polling
  • Feed backs
  • Text chatting
  • Common meeting numbers online and offline
  • Application sharing
  • Screen recording
  • File sharing
  • More

The two best applications that you should be trying before making a choice, since each are good in their own way. So you might just miss the best one out of the two!

  1. DimDim ( free only up-to 10 users)
  2. Freebinar (free all the way!! )

Both the applications do not require and software’s to be downloaded and installed and can be directly used and meeting can be attended remotely with all the features active. Even you could protect your meeting with a password, send the invitations or schedule the meeting for a later date.

Take home: If i do not have meetings more than 10 users my choice would be DimDim and in case more than 10 users, my choice would be Freebinar – Both are great toosl! Hope you enjoyed the list of Free Webex Alternatives 2011


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