Give value and take value

Today am traveling on the Christmas eve to meet my parents in Bangalore. Its just 15 minutes to Christmas. The climate here is excellent and am in great mood to write a quick article on a thought that could be of great value for any struggling blogger.  Its often observed that many bloggers complain they are not able to retain their subscribers and the website bounce rate is very high. Why do you all think there is no magnetic attraction between you and you visitors and there is a huge number of one time visitors and lesser returning visitors.

There is only one reason to all these issues and could be solved with that one solution – Value your precious visitors. In the blogging business – money, fame, sales, traffic all just depends on your visitor sentiments and loyalty towards you and your blog.

Provide value and your blog would be valued

I have met many bloggers struggling to meet numbers and feeling bad that they missed out posting one day. Believe me, the posting frequency comes secondary to the content you post. If you are providing content of great value then your users would wait for your next best post and respond in the same manner.

Keep your subscribers comfortable

Make sure you do not overdo post frequency or adding content to your blog and have a scheduled approach. This would keep your subscribers in the comfort zone.

Be hones and modest to your visitors

Be honest to them and its okay to project the way you are when you do not earn millions of dollars, otherwise it would look fake and shoo away your potential subscribers. Your value as an expert in your niche would grow with your experience and time.

Show them you are always there

When you are dedicated to your blogging, you would eventually become an expert and rule your domain even though it could take 1 – 2 years to get noticed in a niche among the average bloggers. If you really want to speed up this pace, you must make it clear that you are always there, and respond to all the comments or queries that your visitors post and keep in active.

Hope these small tips were useful, keep tuned for more!


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