Google Adsense 3 Beta New Interface Launched

Google Adsense 3 Beta New Interface Launched – March 2011

Today, 22nd March 2011 Google has unleashed the new beast! Yet another new Google Adsense Interface 3 Beta. The Adsense User interface is said to have loads of new features and faster performance.

As per the Google team, below are the new additions to the Adsense 3 Beta interface. Hope to hear more from the users and webmasters like us.

Google Adsense 3 Beta New Interface Launched - March 2011

More Insights: Actionable data to help you better understand your performance and make more informed business decisions.

Graphs: Graphs on the Performance reports tab allow you to easily view trends in your performance. You can quickly view impressions, clicks and earnings all in one graph, compare text ad performance to image ad performance, compare date ranges and easily manipulate data to recognize trends.

More Data: You can now run detailed performance reports by ad type, ad size, ad unit, targeting type, and bid type for total earnings and other metrics, over a custom date range. You can also drill down into those reports to view new reports for just one or multiple elements, like channels, ad units, or products.

Greater Efficiency: Redesigned interface helps you find what you’re looking for and complete tasks quickly and easily.

Streamlined, Reorganized Interface: A visual redesign makes it easy to quickly see your earnings and payment information, find relevant features, and make changes to your account.

Relevant Help on Every Page: Targeted help, including the relevant frequently asked questions, appears on every page so that you can get the information you need without leaving your account.

Revamped Resources Page: The resources page brings top resources, in addition to help, right into your account. Check out this page to view videos, read blog posts, and more.

More Control: Easier to use, richer controls to help you protect your brand – all in one place.

Controls Grouped Together: Find all ad controls, including advertiser site, category, and ad network blocking as well as the Ad review center on the Allow & block ads tab.

Improved Ad Review Center: The updated ad review center makes it easier for you to review ads that have been placement targeted to your site. You can now search for ads by ad type, keyword, URL, or ad network, and choose to approve allow or block them.

Category Blocking: Block categories of ads, such as politics, religion, and dating ads from showing up on your site.

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