Google AdSense Payment schedule in India

Let’s start of with the Google AdSense Payment schedule in India

Basically Google Adsense payment would only get triggered once you have achieved the payment threshold of 100 USD in your Adsense account. Once you have this amount in the Adsense earnings then the payment schedule would be as below.

  • Earnings get updated on 5th of every month
  • You could choose to hold or release the payment before 15th of every month
  • In my account -> payment settings you could select payment mode –cash or bank transfer
  • Bank transfer is not available for Indian banks as of now, only option is Adsense pay check
  • Your Payment gets processed by 25th of every month
  • In India, the check reaches your home with in 15 days of payment processing.

I usually get my payment processed by Google Adsense by 26th every month and receive the check at home by 6th of the month. The check provided by Google is a Citibank check for me and the en-cashing for the check takes 3 days as I have a Citibank account.

The check comes in courier by Blue dart from US and can be tracked also online. Further if you are interested you could read on how to track the Google AdSense check delivery and the time taken for the same.


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