and results differs Why ?

Hello All…

I always wonder, when i search for my keyword “web design Hyderabad” in i find my website on the first page of search results.

But one fine day i found the twist that when i search “web design hyderabad” in its not there on the first page, though got a bit shocked for a while, found my website on the second page.

You should note the fact that the domain is .com and not a or a .in . I agree that i havent done much of a SEO on the domain, as its evident that the result of the search bringing my domain to the first two pages are back links that i have.

Secondly, The diffrences in the search results caused are due to the Datacenter as per my understanding, If i was hosted in India, my website would have shown up better in .in rather than .com ( now its hosted in US, hence .com reads it as a non indian or a rather Global company.)

And Dont worry, Nothing can stop you from being on the first page if your website is SEO Optimized well, so optimize it well and be on the first on both the domains.

This article was to make the difference clear, and i hope it is clear, please ask me if any questions.

Cheers, josh


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