Google Local Business Center Adds Detailed Analytics

We Noticed that the Google Local Business Center has started adding detailed analytics to each business profile.

If you go to the Google Local Business Center and you see a “New” link to view a report, that means you have access to it. The reports show Google Analytics like graphs and charts. The reports are broken down as follows:

(1) Impressions and Actions: Google will show you all your business profile views (impressions) and then plot the actions, which include clicking on the “more info,” “Driving Directions” and/or clicking through to your web site. Each action is shown on the chart, when you hover over the graph.

Though simple and straightforward, this is going to be pretty compelling to many local businesses that haven’t seen this kind of data before — or haven’t paid attention. Especially interesting is the driving directions (online-offline) data. Another thing not reflected in the screens above is a “completeness” barometer in the upper right of the dashboard that shows how complete Google deems the business listing. That should motivate SEOs and local businesses to add more information, including images and video, to presumably get better exposure. If in fact it works along those lines Google will benefit by having richer and broader local data from the businesses themselves…



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  1. Casti December 21, 2009