Google makes a correction!

Google makes a correction!

As per my latest update on the Google Page-rank that occurred on 27th June 2011 and it seemed like all most all of thousands of webmasters who were following up on the update status at the orangecopper Blog post felt very happy with the results of the latest Google page rank update. Most of the webmasters responded that they were overwhelmed or rather surprised by the huge jump in page ranks their websites had.

Now the real truth!

The Jun 27th 2011 Google page-rank update was a major update and was immediately followed by a “correction update” by Google team (this one was a minor shift) but the resulted in major changes of page ranks of numerous websites to what they really deserved!

If you were very happy with the June 27th update and you are still smiling on the Google gift, I would recommend you to check your website page rank once again now – its likely that It could have shifted downwards to a more “real” page rank number.

Take Home: This is just a heads up post to those webmasters who might want to recheck their page rank after the June major update. I would re-iterate on the fact that PRs should not be over hyped as the content on your website is what really matters!


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