Google Rumored to have paid AdBlockPlus to get Ads Whitelisted

Adblock Plus has been growing in popularity over the year in blocking advertisements being displayed on browsers. Google Adwords being the most popular advertisement network on the Internet rightfully has reasons to worry about this growing trends of blocking ads.

It is similar to blocking advertisement slots between television shows and asking advertisers to invest on your show. Certainly applications like Adblock Plus might give a cleaner browsing experience but it really screws up the entire business model. On the flip side, they can certainly go ahead blocking advertisements based on niche or interest but not ad networks as a whole. Money from advertisement networks is in one way fuel to the publishers working hard to compile great information for readers (especially in blog networks).

Google Rumored to have paid AdBlock Plus to get Ads Whitelisted

With the growing popularity of Ad block programs like Adblock plus, Google is taking a different, diplomatic stand – they are rumored to be paying Adblocking services like Adblock Plus to white-list Google’s advertisement network (meaning these applications would no longer block Google Ads).

It is fair enough deal for an end user also because, Google ads are ethical, related, contextual advertisement. Google TOS does not allow publishers to have more than 3 ads on a single page. In addition, such big bucks being paid to Adblock services has become an income stream for them as well (as long as they don’t go around whitelisting every joe!).