Google Zebra Update 2013 – Vital Speculations

Google Zebra Update 2013 – Vital Speculations

Post the Panda, Penguin and EMD now its the turn of Zebra from Google! The Google zoo animals are let loose around the web to counter and clean up all the mess out there in the form of SPAM. The initial search algorithm updates from Google were aimed at thrashing spam and low quality websites and to an extent the above three updates did a real good job in cutting down unworthy links from the search listing.

Now the latest Google search algorithm update is called the Google Zebra algorithm update and from the speculations in the air, the Zebra would be aiming to attack the social aspects of marketing and the black spammy shade of that on websites. There are millions of social networking pages targeting keywords in the results on the Google search that rank top above other legitimate websites.

Google Zebra Update 2013 - Vital Speculations

There are millions of results and links in Search that belong to Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest and Plus, in this particular update, mainly these could be the target areas.  Its also rumored that certain keywords are targeted on the social platform in this specific update, but will have to wait to see what exactly its all about.

Operator, Client, General, Business, Money, New, Get Started Today, Free, Link, My Friend, Payment System, Need, Article, Buy, Sell, Purchase, Affiliate, sales etc.

But this is one good rumor alone, the idea here is that results like shown above which rank high in search for the keyword Canon 5D mark ii deals but rather than deal websites, a social networking page is ranking high in search, such clean up should be targeted with such an update. Will update with the changes as soon as we have more information here.


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