Google’s Latest Search Algorithm update: Freshness

Google Algorithm update – Freshness!

Google recently announced an amazing algorithm update rightly called “Freshness” simply because its all about serving fresher search results to the search engine users. Google informed that this search engine update released on 3rd november 2011 will affect 35% of its search results and for good.

Google Explains the importance of the algorithm update with a very appropriate example: If you were to search for summer olympics, it makes non sense if Google was to return 1960 summer olympics page! The new search algorithm update makes sure that you are served with the latest search result for the next summer olympics.

You shall find the official algorithm update release blog post on the Google Blog here. This clearly speaks about the latest update release and how it will affect your blog or website.

What this update means to me as  a website owner:

Well, it means a lot! It means if you have a high ranking search engine position for  a particular keyword and its fetching your huge traffic from the search engines, careful  – you might not continue to do so if your content is not updated or is too old. Make sure you update all of your top blog posts and pages to the latest content to ensure that you continue to receive the traffic from the search engines!


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