Google’s New Instant Search Preview Launched

Google has been lately bringing a lot of improvements to its products like Adsense, feedburner, Google search etc. and the latest of the lot is Today it has launched the Google instant search preview which looks like the screenshot below.

Along with the search results, it has added a magnifying glass icon on the right and on mouse over it gives an ajaxified preview of the website from its archive.

The visual preview is called as Instant Previews by Google – The search query takes approximately 0.1 sec to load the preview and that is pretty neat!

Latest Google’s Improvements are:

Nov: New feedburner interface – Read our review here

Nov 8: Google launched its new Adsense interface – read our review here

Oct. 27: “Google Place Search.” Google begins organizing search results based on the association with more than 50 million cities, parks and other places.

Sept. 8: “Google Instant.” Ajaxified search results that populate automatically in sync with the Google instant search as one types the query in the search bar.

July 20: Revamped “Image Search.” Google launched its image search in lines with the bing’s optimized image search.