Guest Posting Strategy 2013 – Waste of Time!

Guest posting Strategy of 2013 a Waste of Time!

No longer are the days when you receive a genuine guest post request being a blog admin, nowadays, I receive at least two requests to publish guest posts on any of my blogs from several bloggers or to be specific “paid writers”.

Its not a great idea to compromise your blog authority and reputation in exchange for rewritten content and a link back. Its really difficult nowadays to identify genuine and quality content writers to write content for your blog as a guest blogger. Todays approach on guest blogging has become an alternate paid SEO campaign to build links to websites by finding a guest writer who has no serious niche expertise but knowing enough to rewrite someone else’s articles.

The approach could not only pile up low quality content to your blog or website but also, add low quality outbound links to other websites that could harm your SEO standings as well. The link backs to non related niches and low quality websites could affect your reputation infront of Google Search algorithm parameters.

Hence, I would recommend to either carefully scrutinize the guest blogging requests and content your receive or blindly reject all similar offers of content submission in exchange of a link.