Have an opinion? Express it!

If your blog is a business model earning money from your blog by reviewing or promoting products then you would be certainly coming across many products that are over hyped and not that great.

Personally, I hate to promote products that are not the best and I make sure that I express my opinion be it good or bad.

A blog is your property and you have all the right to express your personal opinion from your point of view and it’s up to your readers to believe it or not! Ideally this is how you build a trust relationship with your readers by not misleading them and using your experience and knowledge in their favor.

It’s not mandatory that you have to write or review about the best products and stop reviewing products that does not impress you. The truth is that most of the products are over marketed and hyped that it could mislead a potential buyer into spending their hard earned money.

By testing and identifying a product flaws you help your readers recognizing the worth of products they are interested to know more about.

The advantage of being true to your consciousness and being ethical is very rewarding. The prize you earn in the long run is priceless – TRUST! This is the most important ingredient to the money blogging recipe, and people really appreciate when you gift them with true guidance.

On the flip-side the biggest advantage is that your readers will confidently go for your recommendations making it a huge boost to your conversion rates.

Take home: success in blogging is all about trust and credibility – don’t loose yours for an extra dollar!