Set Blogging Goals for the Next year

How to set Blogging Goals for the Next Year

If you are really serious about your blog, it’s a great idea to set goals for the next year, especially when you are approaching 2012.

Analyze where you stand this year: before you set realistic yet challenging goals for the next year, it’s vital that you analyze where you stand as of now. Analyze various factors like:

1. Website rank positions
2. Number of subscribers
3. Number of articles
4. Number of unique visitors and page-views per month
5. Monthly revenue earned from your blog

Collect maximum data on the above lines from your various sources and analyze the growth potential that your blog has for the next one year.

Create a plan and realistic goals to achieve: after analyzing the growth potential of your blog, publish and commit to achieve a realistic and challenging goal for the year ahead. While charting a goal sheet remember not to be over optimistic and too modest. It should be a combination of a challenging and yet achievable goal, otherwise this could leave you demotivated half way!

Execute and analyze your goals: this is where it becomes critical that you have a well charted and documented plan to execute. Make sure what ever be the situation you live up to your plan and execute it promptly.

It’s also vital that you analyze your progress and achievements with a timeline over the year. A monthly analysis should be good to make sure you are doing good over time.

Take home: analysis -> planning -> execution -> analysis should be the workflow to achieve your early plan to succeed and stay focussed!