Highlight admin comments in wordpress with different colors

You might have already seen in many of the popular blogs, how well the admin’s interacting with their blog readers / members. As I have already mentioned many times, its very critical that you respond to your blog post comments. Today i would be sharing a simple plugin to highlight or add background colors to the admin’s response. This clearly shows how well the blog is maintained and also emphasizes on the fact that if you add a comment, you will certainly receive a response.

This feature could be easily achieved with the help of a simple plugin that could be downloaded here The plugin is a very light one and post installation you could add the two lines in the styling section within the plugin control panel to change the color and padding.

background-color: #FFFF95;

border-left: 1em solid #DDD; padding: 1em;

You could find more web 2.0 colors here


  1. Alice Venn December 20, 2010
    • Rick May 13, 2011
  2. Bob moore December 21, 2010