Hobby Blogging to Serious Blogging

Hobby Blogging to Serious Blogging


Many of you might have a hobby blog that you might have started long time ago and have almost forgotten about its existence! Today am In search of such lazy bums who would have been sitting on a fortune and been much happier!


The idea is simple – you have started the blog because you had the spark and you loved the niche. Have you imagined what would happen if you would take that a step forward? You will soon become a nice expert and a professional blogger.


How to take your hobby blogging to the next level?


You might be working for any organization or your day job, just as any of your friends – the normal life. Why not decide to spare 1 hour daily to start off with for your blogging efforts.


Make sure you select the niche that would keep you engaged and something that you love to learn and write about. Allocate 30 minutes to research, learn and plan your article and 30 minutes to craft the post.


Add this article writing to your daily lifestyle and this one hour you have invested could become invaluable asset a year later.

The key is to stay organized and patient. As time passes, your niche expertise, authority, traffic and knowledge in your niche would increase over time. This would help you capitalize on your intellectual asset down the lane.


From my experience, an year of consistent blogging could fetch your blog with enough traffic and attention to boost your further ambitions for the new professional blogging venture that earns real money for you!


Take home: leaving job before you have an established blog is foolishness! Firstly establish yourself and your blog in the niche and then only start to capitalize the traffic. Try not to hurry and lose focus. Remember, those who forget their passion and run behind money seldom find success in blogging, let your interest drive the game!