How a Free eBook can continue to earn money for you

If you already have a blog in any particular niche, you have no reason not to write and publish an eBook! Just as you write content on your blog for any particular niche, you could combine many articles you have already written into a neatly formatted eBook and give it away as a free download on your blog. You need not Have any particular software explicitly to write an eBook – you shall write the content in a well formatted manner in a word document and save it as a PDF file.

Once you have the eBook ready, announce it on your blog through a blog post and set up a new page on the main navigation as something like “Download free eBook” you could link up the download to a blog email newsletter subscription too helping you to earn more subscribers as well!

Make sure along with the content within your eBook, you do include useful product referral affiliate links as well for the readers to learn more about and also go for a purchase if impressed. The beauty of an eBook is that it’s easily shared across the web and your content will spread across your niche and so will the possibility of sales conversions through the affiliate links included within the content. Make use of this strategy to share excellent advice and information to your readers as on package and open up the door to an affiliate campaign that never perishes!

Take home: the key strategy here is to selflessly share all that secrets and techniques you know to make your eBook rich in quality content and this alone will contribute in spreading the word of your eBook like fire!