How can earn you big bucks

How can earn you big bucks

Am sure atleast few of you have purchased something from! Have you imagined if your purchase Might have earned some part of what you have spent? That’s the power of Amazon affiliates program!

All you need to build a successful amazon based business is a website / blog and the knowledge to help someone make up their mind to buy a product already listed on amazon.

The beauty about amazon affiliates:

Amazon is an amazing website that has a huge inventory selling anything and everything! They have such impressive sales pages with reviews and specs that will do the job of convincing the customer into a purchase – all you need to do is to get the to the sales page ( through your referral link).

Often there are more than one similar products in the market that are great for what they are meant to do. Now, you need to use your skills to study these products in a closer approach and review them closely to help the confused customer to make a choice. If the reader leaves your website to Amazon convinced on which to spend his / her money on, you made cash! That’s great isn’t it

The difficult part:

Choosing the right products to review is the part where you need to use our brain. Select such products that are hot sellers and yet have tight competition from the rival products, spend enough time to review and dissect the products to list out clearly the pros and cons. Offer the direct link to the amazon product page, you are most certain to hook the deal.

Make sure you stick to the ethics and that will payoff in the log run. Do NOT promote a product that offers better commission as that strategy is unethical and is a sure flop! Recommend products that your readers will benefit from and am sure that will improve your authority and keep them coming back.

There are loads of less explored niche of product reviews in the market which are highly purchased on amazon, find such niches and start your blog on that.

All you need to do to get the business running is

1. identify a niche
2. Build your blog
3. Write some niche authority articles
4. Sign up with amazon affiliates
5. Start comparing top niche products

Continue to include generic product based articles and include reviews in between, soon search engines will discover you and get people coming to make purchase!

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